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Backyard Ideas

Backyard Ideas to make the most of your space


Your houses curb appeal is just how you want it, but of course it means that you, your pets and your kids really can’t use the front lawn very often.   So what about the backyard?  Where can you get backyard ideas? You can share the space with landscaping and play room by working with your landscaper on a design and letting your imagination run wild!


You can have plants and bushes landscaped beautifully so when you sit on your back porch you sigh contently.   You can also sit on your back porch and watch your family make use of your yard as another room.   To start with, designate areas of your yard that you want to use as play areas.   Put either no plantings or very hardy plantings in the areas.  Your landscaper can keep the lawn at the right height to minimize damage from running.  Set up a swing set, put a hammock between those trees, have a fire pit with comfortable seating around it for family time at night.   If you have room add a trampoline for all the family to enjoy.   What about the fences?  Yes, you can put them to good use as well!  Get some whiteboard, markers and erasers and let your kid’s creativity free.   Have a durable picnic table that can do double duty between eating and playing.  Buy benches with storage space underneath – meaning the top has hinges and can be opened to store things inside – this keeps them clean and out of inclement weather without adding another item to your outside such as a storage bin or shed.   Add an outdoor sound system – speakers can be concealed as rocks or in shrubbery.  If you have young children a sand box is always fun.  Put a fountain in for kids to run in and out of.  Have outdoor couches or large chairs in strategic places in the yard for adults to have a private space too.   Get a gazebo with screens to create another room within a room.


There is so much you can do and Beach Landscaping is here to help you design your dreams.


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