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Lawn Care

To maintain a beautiful lawn, grass must be feed, watered, and mowed. Beach Landscaping can handle every aspect of lawn care to ensure that you have the best looking yard in your Myrtle Beach neighborhood!


The amount of fertilizer you need depends on how rich the underlying soil is. We suggest applying lawn fertilizer at LEAST once a year. Seasons also determine which types of fertilizers to use. Spring and early summer (April to June) feeds should be high in nitrogen to help boost leaf growth, while fertilizers in autumn are high in potassium to help grass roots in the winter.


In dry periods, be sure to water your lawn so that it maintains the high quality that you come to expect. You can tell when quality lawns need watering because they lose that certain spring when walked upon. You can reduce water evaporation by using your irrigation systems early in the morning or at night. Beach Landscaping can help you by monitoring your irrigation systems on a monthly basis to ensure that your lawn is getting a proper supply of water.


Trust me, we know more than most people how hot it can get in the summer here in Myrtle Beach! We offer mowing services for those who would like a professional to cut their lawn, for those who would rather have someone else cut it when it is 90 degrees outside, or for the elderly who need a professional landscaping company to mow their lawn. Whatever the case may be, we offer several packages that range from us coming twice a week to mow your lawn to once a month.

Myrtle Beach Landscaping Company

Beach Landscaping is a full service Myrtle Beach landscaping and hardscaping company with both commercial and residential clients. From lawn care and maintenance to landscape design, Beach Landscaping can service any outdoor yard or building. Voted several times as Best of the Beach by the Sun News in Myrtle Beach, Beach Landscaping has won many awards. We also handle weed and insect control. Our hardscaping division constructs outdoor patios, outdoor kitchens, sidewalks and much more.

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