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Landscape Design

Many homeowners may not think that landscaping and hardscaping designs make that big of a difference in their everyday life, but it does. Adding aesthetically pleasing features like plants and walkways can enhance your overall wellbeing. Being surrounded by nature can provide homeowners with a relaxing atmosphere where they can unwind and feel at home without being inside. While landscaping and hardscaping designs are pleasing to the eye, they also can cut costs on utilities, provide beautiful curb appeal, and add value to the property.

By adding pergolas, arbors, and trellises you can add dimension, height, and beauty to your landscape.

Pergolas are landscape features that provide cover and shade for walkways or sitting areas and offer simple structure to allow vines to train and more elaborate structure to support outdoor speakers, strings of light, fabric or even ceiling fans. They often help define an outdoor living area and can be incorporated into a more permanent structure like a deck or installed as a freestanding accent in a yard.

Arbors and trellises are both architectural structures that provide support for climbing vines. In addition, they offer focal points that make impact statements in your landscape design. Arbors are generally the smaller of the two structures and most often used to define a garden entry point or provide parameter separation.

There are a host of other hardscape projects, like the addition of retaining walls and stone pathways that can all add decorative and practical benefits to your landscape. As you consider what hardscaping options will best support the way in which you plan to use your outdoor living space, talk with a landscape professional who will provide guidance and offer ideas to support and enhance your vision.

If you have an outdoor project you’ve always wanted, the team at Beach Landscaping can make it happen!

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