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Best Palm Trees for Myrtle Beach?

Best Palm Trees for Myrtle Beach?


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When we are designing landscaping in Myrtle Beach everyone, of course, wants to utilize palm trees.  Most clients know what they like or want but many do not know what would grow best; and sometimes it’s not their favorite species.  Myrtle Beach has a humid subtropical climate which translates to hot, hot summers and fairly mild winters.  Given the fact that palm trees can be an expensive item in your landscaping and you want to be sure you are getting the ones that will fare best in our climate.

There are several species that are quite attractive and grow to a variety of heights.  One of my favorites is the Chinese Fan Palm aka Fountain Palm which can be grown in or outside.   This palm is very hardy in colder temps, which is good for the rare colder days we’ve seen in the last 2 years here in Myrtle Beach.  It also does well in heavy drought conditions as well.

The European Fan is another great choice for your landscaping.  It is slow growing, grows approximately 5 – 10 ft and 1 – 5 ft wide.  This plant has a shrub type look due to its multiple trunk growth.  It is also a hardy option which grows well in cold or hot climes.

The Saw Palmetto grows well in all climates; this species grows slowly and spreads wide.  It can be 5 – 10 ft tall.  This plant will grow as a shrub with many stems, which grow either below the ground or along the ground, spreading up to 20 ft with large palmate fan shaped leaves.

True Date Palm Tree will grow moderately quickly and can grow to 40 – 50 ft and spread 10 – 15 ft wide.  It can tolerate cold weather and is its fronds will form a thick canopy.

These are some of the best palm trees for Myrtle Beach.  For a successful landscaping design consider incorporating these trees into your plan.  At Beach Landscaping we can design, implement and care for your landscaping.


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