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Centipede Lawn Care in Coastal Carolina

We have been receiving calls since mid March from customers who are concerned with the emergence of weeds in their lawns.  All they wanted was for us to come out and make the weeds disappear.   What many of our customers, and most people in general,  are  not aware of is that even weeds have a growing season and to avoid harming a lawn we cannot apply pre-emergence herbicide  until at minimum 3 weeks after the initial green up. If the herbicide is applied too early it will damage the centipede grass causing other issues down the line.   Centipede grass is sensitive to certain herbicides and any herbicide must be applied exactly as directed and with caution.  It is strongly advised to have a professional landscaper such as Beach Landscaping apply any herbicide to your flower beds and lawns.  The herbicide should be applied in May for summer weed control.   Once the lawn fully greens up, usually late April to early May, a centipede lawn should be treated with nitrogen.   There are very specific ratios used and again, it’s best to leave to professionals.

The next request we hear is when are you going to start mowing?   For a centipede lawn mowing 1” at the time of the initial green up is best and make sure it’s mowed before the grass reaches 1 ½”  high. When watering centipede grass it grows best with about 1” of water per week.  Too much will cause pest problems as will improper irrigation.

As you can see centipede lawn care in coastal South Carolina is a science to achieve optimum results.  For a beautiful lawn call Beach Landscaping where our grass is always greener!


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