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Container Garden

Container Garden

 container garden deck

Do you have a deck or porch and would like to add a container garden to your landscaping?   It can be a beautiful way to spruce up space.   Maybe you are in a condo or villa and don’t have a yard.  A container garden is perfect for bringing the beauty of nature to you.  Imagine going out onto your porch or deck with a cup of coffee in the morning and being surrounded by color and greenery.


So how do you go about starting a container garden?  First monitor how the sunlight travels on your deck or porch throughout the day.   Make a note of continual sun, late day, shady as this will direct what you should plant.  The sun in the Grand Strand area can be quite strong in the summertime and too much sunlight can scorch a plant or flower.


I always go to the Clemson University site for guidance.   They have answers for almost any and every question you can come up with.   Due to space constraints we can only give you an idea on which plants will flourish so follow the link the Clemson website for a complete listing.  You can create a 3 season garden by researching the info and following the suggestions for planting and growing.   Over the next few blogs we will discuss the various types of plants and flowers that you can choose from to use in your container garden.


Bulbs –


Many of the crocus, lily and certain tulips will grow well if you keep the containers in either a shaded area or a dappled shaded area.   Some ideas on what will grow beautifully from year to year are

  • Calla and Rain Lilies
  • Autumn and Fall Blooming Crocus
  • Summer Hyacinth
  • Grape Hyacinth
  • Summer Daffodil
  • Cyclamen
  • Peacock Orchid
  • Daffodils
  • Poppy Anemone
  • Star Flower

 lilies bulbs

When planting bulbs be sure to follow the directions regarding the depth the bulbs need to be planted in.   I suggest deciding what you want to plant before buying the containers and pots.   This way you can insure you have exactly what you need to give the plants the best chance for growth.   I mark the pots to identify which bulbs are planted and when they will sprout.   That way I can be sure to not plant annuals in the pot that will bloom at the same time as the bulbs.   I do this so the pots have flowers all season.


Next week Perennials!

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