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DIY Landscaping TIps

DIY Landscaping Tips

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Yes, we’re landscapers and would like to add you to our client list but we also realize that not everyone wants to use a landscaper.  Whether it is for financial reasons or that you just love doing your own yard work we want to help you have the best landscaping possible.   Over the next few weeks we will share some easy DIY Landscaping Tips to help you make the best decisions.

The first thing you need is having a plan and then a design.  Don’t go willy nilly into your yard and start digging to create a flower bed or vegetable garden.  Take the time necessary to plan, do research, design and then execute. These four steps can help you from making costly mistakes in the flowers, trees, bushes and vegetables you use.  It will also save you from extra work.

  • Plan – walk around your yard with an eye for sloping ground, poor drainage or root filled areas.   Make it a point to go outside at different hours of the day to note where the sun is – what areas get 6 hours or more and where are the areas that are more shade than sun.  This is important in your grass, flowers and foliage choices.
  • Research – there is a huge amount of information located at your fingertips. Search for the best times to plant, what to plant and what not to plant in your geographic area.  What works in OH may not work in coastal SC.  Take the time to search for different season blooming – you can create a 4 season landscape which will grant you months of enjoyment while relaxing in your yard.
  • Design – if you have an artistic bent doing a sketch is perfect, if not there are many free tools online to help you design your garden.   Even a rudimentary sketch works. Take the notes from your plan and research to design where you want to place your plantings.  This gives you a buying guide and a planting guide.
  • Execute – once you’ve done the 3 steps above it’s finally time to execute your plan.  Do a section at a time to keep from being overwhelmed and over worked.  Digging and planting is hard work and you will be using muscles you didn’t even know you had!


We hope these DIY  landscaping tips help you get started on your landscaping project.   If you need a professional to do the lighting and irrigation call Beach Landscaping and we will be happy to do that part of your design for you.


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