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Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

palm   Beach Landscaping is a 4 season landscaping company, one of our services is winter lawn clean up. We will remove dead leaves/branches from your lawn for safety and aesthetics. Removal is part of our holiday decorating safety tips.

We all love to drive down the street this time of year and oohhh ahhhh over the beautiful home decorations for Christmas.   Lights abound… Extension cords snake across lawns or are hidden beneath shrubs.  All that pretty comes with some possible hidden dangers.  Beach Landscaping has compiled the following Holiday decorating safety tips:

  1. Inspect your lights for fraying, broken sockets and loose connections
  2. Only use lights that have a label indentifying they have been safety tested.
  3. Only use 3 strings per extension cord
  4. Only use an extension cord rated for outside use.
  5. Inspect inspection cord for frays or bare spots. Discard if you find any breaks in the cord.
  6. Fasten lights securely so wind will not loosen them
  7. Be careful when stringing through a tree!   A little known fact is that the tree can become charged with electricity from faulty lights, and any person touching a branch could be electrocuted!
  8. Always turn lights off when leaving your home or going to bed – Faulty lights can short out and cause a fire
  9. Inspect connections for any decorations for frays/bare wires and connections
  10. Make sure lawn decorations are secure in case of a storm or wind
  11. All dead leaves/branches etc.. are not around lights or connections. This can be a fire hazard

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Please take the time to follow these 11 holiday decorating safety tips.  Doing so  will help insure you and your family a safe environment while enjoying the beauty of holiday lights and decorations.


We wish all of our customers and readers a happy and healthy Holiday Season.  Whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas, Festivus or Kwanzaa we wish you and your families all the best.


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