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Hydrangeas – Bigleaf Hydrangea

  • Bigleaf hydrangea

Botanical name: hydrangea macrophylla 

Average Size at Maturity: 3 -13 ft tall, 2.5 – 8 ft spread

Hardy zone: Zones 6-9

Bloom Time: Summer 

Flower Color:  Pink, blue, white, purple, red, cream

Foliage Color: Green, yellow

Growth Rate: About 2 ft or more a year 

Pruning needs: Deadhead and remove dead or diseased branches as needed. Big-leaf hydrangeas can produce new buds on old growth.

Landscape Use: Perfect for filling in the middle of a border, eye-catching plant for midsummer,  great centerpieces of mixed containers

Light Needs: Partial shade – fully receive the morning sunlight while being partially shaded in the afternoon – 4 hours of sunlight

Special Feature: The soil pH will affect flower colors. Bigleaf hydrangeas growing in acidic and aluminum-rich soil will bloom blue, while in alkaline soils they bloom pink. An appropriate amount of aluminum sulfate or lime can be added to the soil to adjust the pH if you want to control the flower color.

Fertilizing needs: Use a small amount of compound fertilizer a few times in the spring and summer during that plant growing season
Water Needs: Does best in consistent moisture, often gets droopy leaves when it needs more water

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