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Irrigation System for Lawn and Gardens

Lawn and Garden Irrigation System


Having an irrigation system is an important aspect to growing and keeping a healthy lawn and garden. Once you’ve designed or planned your garden it’s a good idea to bring in a professional to install your irrigation system as it can be a costly project.

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Below are several frequentally asked questions on irrigation systems –

  • How will an irrigation system impact my water bill?  Your water bills should not go up – as a matter of fact they may lessen.  Well designed irrigation systems are programmed to use the exact amount of water your lawn or garden needs.  Many also have sensors so they will not automatically go on if it is raining.   You can change the timers to reflect the time of year – not so often in early spring to more often in the height of the summer.   Additionally, unlike a hose you don’t have to worry about a constant drip that happens if a tap isn’t completely shut off.
  • How much will an irrigation system cost?  2016 costs are estimated by Home Advisor to be between $800 – $4500 dollars.  The average is approximately $2400.00
  • How do I pick the correct system for my yard?  Do your research, call and have a professional installer come out and ask questions.  You can DIY it but there are so many factors that it may end up being less expensive in the long run to use a professional company.  Being aware of, and installing within, the electric and water code for your area must be adhered to.
  • What steps do I need to do prior to installing?  The first thing to do is walk your yard and make a diagram.  On it make notes as to where you will need the sprinklers to pop up when watering.  Example is a flower bed will need irrigation while the rock garden next to it will not. Shady areas may need to be on a different watering schedule than full sun areas so make sure to note that as well. sample diagram                                                                                                                       Here is a video from Sprinkler Warehouse that shows you how to do the planning and designing properly.
  • What if we have a rainy season do I really need to install an irrigation system? 

Mother Nature is inconsistent, it may rain for a week and then not again for a month.  An irrigation system will insure your lawn and garden are watered correctly. Remember many have a rain sensor and will not activate in rainy weather.

Beach Landscaping works with irrigation professionals and are happy to refer you to one we know and trust.


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