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How to Water Your Lawn

How to Water Your Lawn

Growing a lawn can be frustrating and satisfying – but how to water your lawn is more involved than turning on a spigot. It’s a common misconception that the more water the better for lawn growth.  This is not exactly correct, there are many variables involved in knowing when to water or not to water your lawn.    First is where you live, coastal South Carolina is an area of extremes.  We can see a wet, cold winter like 2015/16 and then warm, dry or drought summers.  Watering varies according to the weather patterns.  What does this mean? What is optimum this year may not necessarily apply to next year.

how to water your lawn


Too much water can be just as, if not more, harmful than too little water.   After a rainy winter it is not necessary to turn on you irrigation systems or roll out the hoses just because the calendar says it’s April.   Right now the grasses are starting to green up, shrubs are starting to grow, flowers sprouting; which we are used to being the “GO” point for starting to water.   The turf grasses that are found in our area are pretty resilient when it comes to drought conditions.  There is natural rainfall which is enough to start the growing season.  You may wonder what I mean when saying too much water can be harmful.   It encourages weed growth, brown spot, army worms, grubs, thatch to name a few issues.     As you drive around town look at lawns, those yellow or brown spots you see are not due to lack of water but too much.   Additionally, stressing your lawn a bit, waiting longer between watering will actually benefit the lawn in the long run..

water your lawn

brown spots from over watering

water your lawn


In an earlier blog we discussed care and maintenance of your irrigation system.  As a reminder, if the temperatures drop to freezing, which has been forecast, if the pump has been primed it can crack in freezing temperatures.   .

For many of you who may not use a professional landscaper this is important information which can save your time and money.  Though we are professional landscapers we still don’t like to see people waste $ and get frustrated with their lawns.


If your see your lawn is already in trouble with brown spot or insect infestation call us at Beach Landscaping – 843-839-5584.  Many DIY fixes are one size fits all and do not take into consideration the variables in our coastal region; especially with temperature swings.


Beach Landscaping where our grass IS always greener and yours will be too!

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