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Top Mystery Garden Tips

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Mystery Garden Tips


How often do you go to plant seeds or flowers in the spring and realize you are clueless as to where you planted bulbs in the fall?   I call it the Mystery Garden Syndrome and we all experience it at least once.     You know, you put down seeds for daisies and all of the next week daffodils are peeking through the soil.   This can end up being a waste of money and energy which is avoidable.   So here are my Mystery Garden Tips –


  • Draw, sketch or use a computer program to lay out garden
  • Take pictures in of perennials  – so you can see location, type and color of flower
  • Note when growth starts, different perennials can grow at different times of year – this is also a very helpful way to have a 3 or 4 season garden.
  • When planting bulbs take a 1” narrow piece of wood and mark the area.  Do this in areas that are not planted as well.  This helps when you are ready to add seeds or seedlings

We will go into this in more detail in further blogs but below are 3 of the top 20 Perennials that Better Homes and Gardens state are best and most dependable to grow.

  • Blanket Flower – this is drought and heat tolerant which are a vibrant addition to any border
  • Veronica – Veronica bloom is 12 – 20” plant with a 7” spikes that can be shades of blue or red.   In South Carolina this plant will do best in a slightly shady area.
  • Daffodils – this is an easy to grow plant that comes in a wide variety of colors.  They are a beautiful and hardy addition to any garden and will bloom in the spring.

These Mystery Garden Tips will save you time and help insure you have months of beautiful blooms to enjoy all spring/summer/fall long.

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