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Outdoor Lighting for Safety

Outdoor Lighting for Safety

outdoor lighting for path and entryway

outdoor lighting for path and entryway

Is outdoor lighting important? You finally have your landscaping just right.  It complements your home and adds to your curb appeal.  Pulling up to your house makes you smile.  Does your home feel the same way at night?  Outdoor lighting can add drama or a warm and inviting look.   In addition to the aesthetic element outdoor lighting can contribute to the safety of your home.   Do you have large shrubs near your entryway? Lighting that area makes it less appealing to a thief and easier to get your key in the door and you safely inside.

Other safety aspects are to line a path or light steps.  You may be accustomed to the uneven stones or turns in the walk way or where the steps are.    Your guests are not and you do not want to risk their inadvertently falling. There are a myriad of options – your imagination is the limit!

outdoor lighting for steps and path

outdoor lighting for steps and path

outdoor lighting modern

modern path lighting








You can choose from bright lights, soft lighting, solar lighting or LED to name a few.  Outdoor lighting can be along the sides of the steps or discreetly underneath.  Motion detectors or static lights are available.

Lighting pool areas can also bring beauty and at the same time safer for all.  Your lights can be in the pool walls or along the deck. You can have pole lighting or corner lighting.  Sounds a bit confusing I know but it’s an important investment and you want to make sure you are installing exactly what you see in your mind.

outdoor lighting for pool area

These days there are so many options for lighting.  It’s no longer just your basic fixture on a pool or attached to the area by your front door.  Bright spot lights can give way to warm up lighting.  If you can imagine it then it most likely can be done.  Look through several websites to get an idea of what you like and do not like . Lamps Plus or Home Depot have a large variety for you to peruse.  http://www.lampsplus.com/outdoor/

Give us a call at Beach Landscaping – 843-839-5584. We work closely with an outdoor lighting company and can incorporate the lights into our landscape design.



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