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Tropicals – Tropical Pitcherplant

  • Tropical pitcherplant 

Botanical name: nepenthes 

Beginner friendly?: no

Average size at maturity: 3 ft in height and a foot and a half in width 

Hardy zone: zones 3-11 

Foliage color: green/yellow/red 

Growth rate: reaches fully mature size in about 2 growing seasons 

Pruning instructions: remove dead or dying foliage as needed 

Propagation methods: cut a stem just below a node and place in water until roots start to emerge

Landscape use: eats small garden pests like flies and gnats 

Light needs: at least 6 hours of sun per day 

Special features: carnivorous plant 

Watering instructions:  allow soil to partially dry between watering sessions

Fertilizing instructions : apply a high in nitrogen liquid fertilizer once a month in the spring and summer

Best time to plant: spring or summer

Best type of soil: loam or sand

Companion plants: venus flytrap, orchids, pink sundew 

Toxicity level: potentially mildly toxic if ingested 

Invasive species: no

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