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Safety Tips for Christmas Lights





‘Tis the season – and with that comes decorating our homes, inside and out, for Christmas. We all love to ride down a road or around a neighborhood at night oohing and aahing at the wonderful displays. All those lights and electricity also come with some hazards, below are some safety tips for Christmas lights to keep you, your family and homes safe during the holiday season

1. Inspect old strings of lights for fraying, cracked or broken sockets and loose connections. Do not repair these, throw them out!
2. Make sure the lights you are using are rated for outdoor use.
3. Do not string on any metal trees
4. Insure gutters are clear of debris, the lights can heat up and cause a fire,
5. Use outdoor extension cords only
6. Plug into ground fault circuit interrupter- ( GFCI). If you do not have one you can either buy a portable unit or have an electrician install one.
7. Never use nails, metal staples or tacks to string lights, use insulated holders.
8. Stay away from power lines and poles.
9. Do not overload the cords – once they are installed and lit, if the plugs and/or wires feel warm the circuit can be overloaded and not safe. Another sign of an overloaded circuit is a breaker that blows repeatedly. Fires are caused by overheated cords and wires so this is a very important step to take once your lights are up.
10. Keep lights off when you are sleeping or away from your home.

Beach Landscaping wishes all of you a very Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas.

picture- Clifton Mill, Clifton, OH

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