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Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies in Myrtle Beach

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I’m sure to no one living in Myrtle Beach is not aware of the various seasonal allergens.   We all know that feeling of waking up in March/April to everything covered in yellow dust and any puddles look as if there has been acid rain falling.  If we stand in one place for too long we’d be covered as well.  What is the culprit?  It is tree pollen, specifically Pine Trees.    Interesting fact: as annoying as the Pine pollen is, it is considered an irritant as its pollen is larger than the finer pollens produces by hardwood trees.   So even though the Pine pollen can make you sneeze and choke it’s an ‘irritant’ not allergen.  I’m sure most of you don’t care what you call it – it’s annoying!   We get a bit of a reprieve and then comes the big guns – ragweed and grass pollens.   While the mild climate we all enjoy here it contributes to seasonal allergies in Myrtle Beach.  Pollen counts are usually highest early in the morning on a warm, breezy day and lowest during chilly, wet weather.   The tendency for thunderstorms in our area also contributes to seasonal allergies in Myrtle Beach,   Thunderstorms usually bring wind, which dislodges and blows the mold, pollen and dust around which may activate allergies.  Heavy rains will break pollen into very small particles which are than inhaled deeper into the lungs and cause more extreme reactions.

The other culprit is mold allergies, there is a direct correlation between mold spores releases and weather.  It’s been noted that dry spore type molds release their spores during the day in dry, windy weather while wet spore type molds release during the night with high humidity, clear or foggy conditions.

Most allergies can be controlled by over the counter medications, but if you are finding that you have trouble breathing, sleeping or the OTC medication is just not taking care of the problem than go see a doctor.  Any respiratory problems lasting longer than 2 weeks should also include a doctor appointment.   One of the best ways to control pollen is to wash hands often, if you are outside do not rub your eyes with your hands,  shower when you get into the house to remove pollen and other allergens from your hair and skin.  Make sure your air filters are cleaned and keep windows closed.  If you are finding that you are experiencing a severe reaction while doing yard work tasks such as weeding or mowing you should consider using a landscaping service – at least during the height of the season.  The cost is outweighed by the effects allergies can have on your lungs and breathing.  It is possible to have a beautiful landscaped yard without dealing with the seasonal allergies in Myrtle Beach – call us at Beach Landscaping – we can’t stop your reactions but having us take care of your lawn and garden will help limit your exposure.


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