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Sod Webworms

Sod Webworms


Along with Chinch Bugs – Sod Webworms are another pest that feeds and destroys lawns.  The initial spots you see from their activity resemble the damage Chinch Bugs leave but the treatment is different. They are moths with a weak flying distance and if they are disturbed will fly a few feet and resettle.  They are a thatch inhabitant and like army and cut worms the damage is evident in areas where the grass will be chewed to the ground. At first you will notice a large brown area; left untreated Sod Webworms can destroy a lawn in just a few days,


Sod Webworms are active on most turf grasses but St. Augustine lawns are particularly affected.  New sod and lawns are usually more apt to be infested but any turf grass lawn is vulnerable.  These pests feed at night or on cloudy days they can come out during daylight hours.  Females will lay eggs randomly on the lawn and after 10 days the eggs hatch, babies will feed on the skeletal part of a blade of grass while adults are known to remove part of the blade and pull it into their silken tube that they live in.  They tend to feed on small patches of grass and will graze it to the ground.   If there is a heavy dew point the grass may be covered in flat, irregular sized spider webs. Damage will be more severe during a drought.


Sod webworm larvae have natural predators, but in many cases they may not be able to prevent damage.   We are currently seeing an influx of sod webworms here in Myrtle Beach.  If you notice a growing brown spot or a section of your lawn with the grass blades raggedly chewed to the ground call your landscaper immediately.  You want this treated as soon as possible to contain the damage.


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