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Tips for Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is used for several reasons.   It can be for effect, to highlight a certain area, to light a water feature, to mark a path or steps or to light shadowy yard areas for security reasons.  Another aspect to take into consideration is your existing landscaping; benches, foliage, trees or decorations can reflect light or absorb it.  Working with a professional can prevent you from making a costly mistake, it’s what they do and do well.

After deciding on where you want to illuminate the next hurdle is what kind of lights do you want to use?   One part of this decision is if it’s security lighting, (brighter light), vs. ‘mood’ lighting.  Various types of lighting include;

  • Highlighting – which is placing light(s) at the base of a feature such as a tree.  Experiment with various angles to get the desired effect.
  • Wall washing creates an even glow that comes off a wall it is pointed to, creating ambient lighting.  This works particularly well for the façade of a home.
  • Up lighting is much like wall washing but offers a greater contrast with a bolder effect.
  • Shadowing or Silhouetting will give you a more dramatic look.  A light is placed behind the particular feature and aimed towards an adjacent wall this creates a softer look.
  • Down lighting or Moonlighting where a fixture is placed high up and faced downwards. Moonlighting creates a more subtle effect than down lighting will.
  • Path lighting – lighting of a path or step for safety
  • Accent lighting calls attention to a particular item such as a statue or fountain.

LED, halogen or solar lights are most commonly used.  LED are safer than halogen, putting out very little heat in comparison to a 12v halogen.  LED lighting can also save up to 80% lighting energy costs, giving the customer a significant savings over the course of a year.  Solar lights are often used along pathways.   The professionals at Beach Landscaping will work with you to make the best decisions and to transform your vision to reality.







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