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Which flowering bulbs are best in Myrtle Beach?

There is nothing that says spring like the green stems starting to peek through the soil.  As we drive around Myrtle Beach we see different types of spring flowers starting to grow.   They make a beautiful addition to any garden but which flowering bulbs are best in Myrtle Beach?   As in any area some species fare better than others and in order to plan your flower beds, lawns or pot garden it’s best to know in advance which flowering bulbs you should plant.   Tulips, Hyacinths, Crocus and Daffodils will bloom reliably in the southeast.


Per Clemson Cooperative Extension certain species of daffodils have the most success in the southeast.   In general, jonquil hybrids, tazetta hybrids, peoticus and species daffodils are the hardiest in Myrtle Beach and throughout the southeast.   It’s best to consult with your landscaper before planting bulbs to insure you have the correct variety.   Tulips will only yield one season of blooming and then the bulb should be dug up and discarded.  In the fall new bulbs can be planted for the next spring’s growth.   Hyacinths grow very well in the southeast but to guarantee continued flowering in coastal areas it’s best to dig up the bulbs once the leaves have withered and store in the refrigerator until the next planting season.  Crocus will be among the first flowering bulb to grow.  Among the best crocus species for growing throughout South Carolina include: Cloth of Gold Crocus (C. angustifolius), Snow Crocus (C. chrysanthus), Tommies (Crocus tommasinianus) and their cultivars.  There are other flowering bulbs are best in Myrtle Beach among them are Spanish Bluebells, Star Flowers and Anemones.


What is most important to grow flowering bulbs in Myrtle Beach is the soil and drainage.  A soil test should be conducted prior to planting.   In lieu of a soil tests fertilization is necessary for best growth.  Lack of flowering year after year is a result of a variety of factors including depth of bulb, overcrowding or lack of proper drainage.  Due to the complicated nature of growing flowering bulbs in South Carolina it is advisable to consult with a landscaper and have them take on the task.  Beach Landscaping is well versed in the art of which flowering bulbs are best in Myrtle Beach and will work with you to design, plant and maintain your flower beds.

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