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Winter Lawn Clean Up

Winter Lawn Clean Up


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It’s hard to think of winter lawn clean up with the temperatures at 70 degrees! With the uncommonly warm weather bushes and flowers are still blooming in some areas.  I have some Impatiens that are I full bloom and quite healthy.  I have been pruning back any brown flowers and enjoying the extra months of color!   This will hold true for the rest of your landscaping.   Beach Landscaping can come in and do some winter lawn clean up -by removing  the brown branches/leaves/flowers to insure your landscaping looks fresh and inviting.  With the holiday season and the possibility of guests visiting it’s a perfect time to spruce up your home.Your lawn is dormant now so it turning brown is to be expected, do not overwater in hopes to keep it green, this time of year it needs very little water other than what nature provides.


With the winter rain storms we’ve been getting this year leaves, branches and pine straw ends up strewn over the lawn/paths and/or driveways.   Beach Landscaping can come in and clean all that up for you so your curb appeal is unchanged.   This is especially helpful if you are going to be out of town for a few weeks or this is your 2nd home.  Outside of piling mail/newspapers untended lawns/landscaping telegraphs that the home is empty.  Having Beach Landscaping come in periodically to do a winter lawn clean up while you are away will remove that worry.   It also shows people are at your house at different times which is also a good deterrent.   Many people don’t realize how much a poorly tended lawn can say about the occupants of the home.  Those how look for these telltale signs can read a lot into a leaf strewn lawn.    Protect our investment not only with security but routine maintenance.

Beach Landscaping where your grass is always greener …. and neater too!


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