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Winter Planting Guide

Winter planting guide



Yes it’s January and it is in the 30’s.  The last thing on anyone’s mind is when to plant in Myrtle Beach.   Almost as important is WHAT to plant in Myrtle Beach.  You will be surprised what is suggested as a winter planting guide.  If you go to the Farmers Almanac you can get a detailed calendar but we will give you the highlights here.

Vegetables – These vegetables are among the most popular suggested for winter planting.

Brussel Sprouts, Spinach, Onions, Parsnip, kale and other hardy vegetables are all best planted in January or right before the first frost.  Southern climes are well suited for winter gardens as the ideal temperatures are 35 – 45 degrees F.

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It’s interesting to note that it may be best to buy bulbs in September and October in the Southeast it’s not a good time to plant them.  Many of us are transplanted Northerners and are used to fall bulb planting.   The ground in the south is still to warm for flowering bulbs with the exception of Daffodils.  Daffodils can be planted in October or November.

So you may be asking yourself I buy the bulbs in the early fall but can’t plant for a few months what do I do with them?   The best way to store bulbs is in their packaging and in an area that is less than 60 degrees.  This is called the chilling period.  Most agricultural schools will say to chill for 12 – 16 weeks.    Be careful not to keep near fruit, the fruit emits gases that an inhibit flowering.    When you purchase the bulbs ask if they have already gone through the chilling period, some suppliers sell them that way.   So even though your habit may be to plant in the fall the winter planting season will help your plants flower and grow.





When is it best to plant bulbs? It’s best to plant when the soil temperature reaches 60 degrees (January or February).  You may see the leaves growing in the winter or fall and that is nothing to worry about.


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