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Tips For A Successful Garden For Beginners

Tips for a successful garden for beginners: Plant in a convenient location Make sure you establish your garden bed in a location that is easily accessible, that is close to […]

Installing Concrete Pavers the ICPI Way

Installing Concrete Pavers the ICPI Way. Step 1 – Excavation Excavate 4-6” of topsoil off the area. It’s imperative to dig down to the clay or subsoil. If the subsoil […]

Dwarf Camellias and Small Spaces

If you have a small area that you’d like to plant a low maintenance evergreen, a dwarf camellia could be a great option for you! There are two types of […]

What Are Variegated Plants?

Have you ever heard the term ‘variegated plants’? Variegated plants are a category of plants that are significantly different in color than others. They are often multicolored and have foliage […]

Bedding For Your Plants

Are you trying to decide between filling your garden beds with mulch, pine straw, or rock? The bedding you choose can be determined by which plants you are attempting to […]

Deadheading: The Importance of Pruning Your Plants

When we talk about pruning a plant, a term that is commonly brought up in the discussion is “deadheading”. This is the process of removing old blooms from the top […]

Transplanting In Your Garden

Do you have a plant in your front yard that you would prefer to be planted in the backyard? Are you interested in planting a removed and discarded plant from a […]

The Positives of Succulents

Succulents in gardens are becoming more and more popular in southern landscape designs and for good reason! These types of plants are incredibly low-maintenance and drought-tolerant plants that thrive even when […]

Dwarf Varieties For Plants

Did you know that some of your favorite plants could possibly come in a dwarf variety? These varieties have a maximum height of 4 – 5 ft, and they only grow […]

Re-Blooming Plants

In a perfect world, all plants would produce beautiful and vibrant blooms all year round! Unfortunately, only a select few plants are capable of blooming…and then re-blooming again!  Here are some […]

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