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Root Rot In Plants

Have you ever heard of a deadly plant disease called root rot? This can be caused by poor soil drainage, and a lack of oxygen reaching the plant’s root system. This causes the roots to sit in water for much too long, essentially drowning the plant to death. 

Your plant could be suffering from root rot if you notice:

  • Yellowing leaves 
  • Wilting leaves 
  • Excessively moist soil

It is not possible to reverse root rot

And it is a potentially fatal disease.

 If the entirety of the root system appears brown and has a mushy-like texture, It is not possible to save the plant. However,  it is possible to save your infected plant before the disease has taken over the entire root system.

How to treat:

  • Dig up the entire root system of the plant 
  • Remove all the plants rotting roots, while leaving the remaining healthy roots as intact as possible
  • Replant in fresh soil to give the remaining healthy roots to start growing again
  • Applying a light layer of non-flavored cinnamon on top if the remaining healthy roots is a great all natural method of preventing the return of root rot
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