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Watering After Planting

Watering instructions after initial planting is arguably the most important part of maintaining the health and beauty of your plants. All plants have their own unique watering requirements. I am here to help you determine just how much you need to be watering your plants during their first growing season. While I 100% recommend for every thriving lawn have an irrigation system, the irrigation system alone may not be enough after initial planting. Hand watering the base of the plant in addition to your regular irrigation schedule is very commonly required to promote rapid growth and to assist the root ball of your plant to become established in the earth as soon as possible. The moisture level of your plant’s soil will tell you if you are overwatering or underwatering your plant. It is very important that the root ball of your plants always stay consistently moist, but never completely saturated for the first growing season of your plant. It is also extremely important to make sure your plant’s soil is loose and well drained so that the water is able to make its way all the way down to the roots with ease.

The Right Amount of Water

Here are some simple step by step instructions on how to make sure that your plants are not being over watered or under watered:

  • Within the first week of initial planting, dig a small hole in the loose soil of your plant all the way down to just outside of  the root ball. (this should be done several hours after the plant has been watered for the day)
  • Squeeze the soil from the bottom of the hole in your bare palms.
  • If water drips between your fingers when you do this, then you are overwatering your plant. If the soil is dry and crumbles between your fingers. If the soil stays together as you open your hands then your soil is receiving sufficient watering..
  • Before filling the hole, poke the root ball with your finger.
  • If you are able to squeeze water out of the root ball then your plant is receiving too much water. If it is dry then your plant is not receiving enough water. If the root ball is moist but not soaking wet then your plant is receiving sufficient watering.
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